#008 – Anarchy


Look mom, I brought home my new boyfriend.

Just Kidding! 😛

I had to do this post because I was far too excited to wait a couple days to blog for my FIRST and only sponsor Indecent Exposure! ♥

So anyways… Continuing on shall we? ;P

::The Outfit::

Skirt: Happy Undead – Mini Skirt – Vinyl Black

Top: Indecent Exposure – F You Low Back tanktop

Boots: Reign – Lizzy – Black

Hair: Little Bones – Meander


Tattoo: Datum – Placebo – Faded

Hairband: Action – Studded Headband

Piercings: Cute Poison – Stellar (Face) & Aperient (Stomach) // :HV: Singles : Mouth 003 [Oil]

Bracelets: Pomposity – Handcuff Bracelet

Necklace: :{MV}: Stygian Necklace Spinel White

Extras: Corvus : Dark&Purple Eyeshadow



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