050 The Devil Will Smile

Love is violent,

love is pure

Love is the answer,

love is the cure

But love can kill you

If you lose someone

Nothing lasts forever

Love’s a loaded gun

The more you love

The more you will suffer from pain

You’re afraid of losing it all

Love’s a cruel, cruel game

And the devil will smile

When he takes your love away

No reason to fight and no reason to pray



♥ Poses// An Lar//Maven {Three(m)} and {Two(m)}  (Festival Of Sin II)

 PXL//Studio Eyes//Pink {Gacha} (Festival Of Sin II)

 Cae//Mixology//Martini Ring {Gacha – Rare} (Festival of Sin II)

 PaperDolls//Succubus//Doctrine Lover (Kinky Monthly)

 Mons//Dreamer Septum Ring//Silver (Collabor88)

Moon Hair//Negative

Crazy Kitty//Hey Sexy Mini Skirt

 Chemical Princess//Scorpion Heels//Black (Kinky Monthly)

 Datum//Omen//Black (Kinky Monthly)

 Merific//BDSM Red Ass (Kinky Monthly)

 Dark Passions//Bold&Bishy Nails (Vintage&Cool)

 Bokeh//Monies:Smuggling Bear//Panda Bear {Gacha}(Festival of Sins II)

~Jennie’s Look HERE~


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