052 The Crow&The Butterfly

Just like a crow chasing the butterfly
dandelions lost in the summer sky
When you and I were getting high as outer space,
I never thought you’d slip away
I guess I was just a little too late

Your words still serenade me,
Your lullabies won’t let me sleep
I’ve never heard such a haunting melody.

–The Crow&The Butterfly//Shinedown


AlterEgo//Lana Collection//Honey

♥ PXL//Studio Eyes //Pink {Festival Of Sins II}
Mons//Dreamer Septum ring//Silver {Style 4} {Collabor88}

FLite//Malibu Lows//White

♥ !nfinity//Princess Pearls {Thrift Shop}

Top//Blueberry//Tyrkini/ Bikini Set//White


Arte//Eyeliners//Cat Eyes

Tattoo//Letis//Colorfull Butterflies

Moon Hair//The Chills


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