066 Daydream

Midnight, you come and pick me up
No headlights
Long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise
Fade into view, it’s been a while since I have even heard from you
I should just tell you to leave cause I
Know exactly where it leads but I
Watch us go round and round each time

You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time.
Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

-Style//Taylor Swift


Belleza//Venus v3

Ikon//Triumph Eyes//Kawaii&Starfall

Slink Avatar Enchancement//Hands//Gesture

Loud Mouth//Elena Kissy

AlterEgo//Kalani Collection//Honey {Fashion Fair – October 1st}

Glamorize//Forever Night Eye Makeup//Cream

Phoenix Hair//Fiona

!nfinity//Spiked Necklace {Group Gift!}

The Horror//Teeny Septum Ring

HV//Singles 003//Oil

Addams//Electra Denim Shorts//Ocean {Uber}

Addams//Sophia Tank Top// White

Reigh//Thigh High Sneakers//Black

065 One Last Chance

Please wrap your drunken arms around me
And I’ll let you call me yours tonight
‘Cause slightly broken’s just what I need
And if you give me what I want
Then I’ll give you what you like

Please tell me I’m your one and only
Or lie, and say at least tonight
I’ve got a brand new cure for lonely
And if you give me what I want
Then I’ll give you what you like

Emotions aren’t that hard to borrow
When love’s the word you never learned
And in a room of empty bottles
If you don’t give me what I want
Then you’ll get what you deserve

-Give You What You Like//Avril Lavigne



Skin//AlterEgo//Victoria Collection//Snow *NEW!* {Totally Top Shelf – Opens October 2nd!

Loud Mouth//Elena Kissy

Mandala//Simple Elf Ears

Glamorize//Forever Night Eye Makeup//Snowball

Anitelle//The Alchemical Transformation//Distillation (Eyes)

Anitelle//The Alchemical Transformation//Conjunction (Scar)

Anitelle//The Alchemical Transformation//Coagulation (Mouth)

Zombie Suicide//Forehead Cross Implant {Suicide Dollz

Obscure//Assasins Holster necklace (B) (Obscure Mine Hunt)

Infected//Dream Tattoo

Letis Tattoo//Diwali

Reign//Kylie Laced Boots//White

Dazed//Erzatz Head Jewel//Gold

Apple May Designs//The Good Queen//White

Truth Hair//Sierra//Black&White

064 Half Past Five

I only call you when it’s half past five
The only time that I’ll be by your side
I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me, yeah
I only fuck you when it’s half past five
The only time I’d ever call you mine
I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me, babe

I’ma let you know and keep it simple
Tryna keep it up, don’t seem so simple
I just fucked two bitches ‘fore I saw you
You gon’ have to do it at my tempo
Always tryna send me off to rehab
Drugs start to feeling like it’s decaf
I’m just tryna live life for the moment
And all these motherfuckers want a real love

-The Hills//The Weeknd




Mandala//Steking//Season 5

Loud Mouth//Elena Kissy

Blacklace//Bellios//Black/Red (stockings and panties)

G.B//Chris Shirt//White

Altair//Kokoro Collar//Black

Lamb Hair //Crave You

Poses (Male and Female Set which includes Phone, Extra Straw and Tray)

Chubby Bunny//Universal CJ {XXL EVENT

063 Drown In You

There’s a place where you can light the fire and watch it burn
Lay it down and lose it all
It’s taken me so far beyond the point of no return
Gave all that I had
When hope is gone

City pulls me in closer than I’ve ever been
There ain’t no way I can escape
Without a doubt you know that I would tread the deepest end
Thousand years forever in a day
But I don’t wanna drown in you
I’m sinking, then I’m torn in two
So when you see me come up for air
Don’t try to hold me down, just save me now

-Drown In You//Daughtry



Nihil//BDSM Cross/Medieval

S.E{Souzou Eien}//Vicious Implements Trio {Kinky Monthly


Loud Mouth//Elena Kissy


Suicidal Unborn//Bloody Knees 01

I < 3 F//Corset With Skirt//Vintage {Kinky Monthly

Lovey Dovey//Juliana Hair {Kinky Monthly

Altair//Kokoro Collar//Black

Reign//High Society//Black

Muka//Cuff Love

Muka//Armband Love

062 Love Game

I’m on a mission,
And it involves some heavy touchin’ yeah.
You’ve indicated your interest,
I’m educated in sex, yes.
And now I want it bad,
Want it bad.
A love game,
A love game.

-Love Game//Lady Gaga


Pose//Chubby Bunny//Prep Gal//Curvy 38 {SL Vogue Event} ♥

PaperDolls//Queenie//Black {Kinky Monthly Event-September 25th} ♥

Quirky//Lovable Set {Kinky Monthly Event- September 25th} ♥

AlterEgo//Victoria Collection//Almond ♥

AlterEgo//Juicy Blend Lips//Blush

Little Bones//Lady

Violet Voltaire//Their Cell Crown

061 Own Worst Enemy

Never win first place, I don’t support the team
I can’t take direction, and my socks are never
Teachers dated me, my parents hated me
I was always in a fight cuz I can’t do nothin’

Everyday I fight a war against the mirror
I can’t take the person starin’ back at me
I’m a hazard to myself

-Don’t Let Me Get Me//Pink





Arise//Face Whip Scars

Suicidal Unborn//Bloody Knees 01

Dazed//Bloody Nose Set

Bonita//Black Eye Tattoo

XYZ//Tattoo Choker//Black

Kosh//Adain Necklace

Izzie’s//Hair Tie Bracelets


Lovey Dovey//Ever


Blueberry//Lana//Rolled Shorts & Bikini

!nfinity//Crochet Top//Black

060 Already Gone

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they’re haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye
Even with our fists held high
It never would have worked out right, yeah
We were never meant for do or die
I didn’t want us to burn out
I didn’t come here to hurt you now I can’t stop

Looking at you makes it harder
But I know that you’ll find another
That doesn’t always make you wanna cry
It started with the perfect kiss then
We could feel the poison set in
“Perfect” couldn’t keep this love alive
You know that I love you so
I love you enough to let you go

-Already Gone//Kelly Clarkson


Body// Belleza/Freya

Mouth//Loud Mouth//Elena Kissy

♥ Skin//AlterEgo//Kiyomi Collection//Almond

♥ AlterEgo//Tintable Brow Layer {Group Gift!}


♥ AlterEgo//Juicy Blend Lips//Blush

Mai Bilavio//World Tour Collection//Lash in London



Reckless//Bean Juice {Autumn Effect Hunt}

♥ Indecent Exposure//SkullDuggery//Tangled

♥ Zombie Suicide//Sweater Dress

Plastik//Anael Leggings//Black