063 Drown In You

There’s a place where you can light the fire and watch it burn
Lay it down and lose it all
It’s taken me so far beyond the point of no return
Gave all that I had
When hope is gone

City pulls me in closer than I’ve ever been
There ain’t no way I can escape
Without a doubt you know that I would tread the deepest end
Thousand years forever in a day
But I don’t wanna drown in you
I’m sinking, then I’m torn in two
So when you see me come up for air
Don’t try to hold me down, just save me now

-Drown In You//Daughtry



Nihil//BDSM Cross/Medieval

S.E{Souzou Eien}//Vicious Implements Trio {Kinky Monthly


Loud Mouth//Elena Kissy


Suicidal Unborn//Bloody Knees 01

I < 3 F//Corset With Skirt//Vintage {Kinky Monthly

Lovey Dovey//Juliana Hair {Kinky Monthly

Altair//Kokoro Collar//Black

Reign//High Society//Black

Muka//Cuff Love

Muka//Armband Love

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