078 Bad Girl’s World

They all say I’ve lost my mind
But I’m just tryin’ to find a better way
Cause somewhere in this sea of fools
The real truth is they’re scared because your brave

You’ll be ok if you be yourself for no one else
They’ll hate you cause you’re beautiful
So blaze the trail that no one can
Cause they’ll never understand

All you rebel babies
And you pretty thing with the dirty mouth
Tell ’em times are changing
And we will never back down
This is our house now


Maitreya – Lara

Alterego – Maliyah Shape

Glam Affair – Katya – Europa

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

Buzzeri – Cora eyes – Siren (Right)

S0ng – Ciate Eyes – Abyss (Left)

Chemistry – Hera

CottonCandyMonster – Tintable Smokey Eyeshadow

Infected – Dream Tattoo

Letis Tattoo – Diwali

Eclat Choker – Star

Noodles – Scarlet Chain – Black

Noodles – Hex Circlet – Silver

Static – Seductress – Black {Kinky Monthly

Candy Doll – Arabella Boots – Black

Ison – Occult Jacket – Black

077 What Sober Couldn’t Say

Headed for a blackout
Hurting like hell
Finding my way to bottom of the bottle
Packing up my suitcase
Leaving no trace
One step closer with every swallow

What sober couldn’t say
Couldn’t break thru
Under the influence of you
Incoherent, truth serum
Just enough to make me bullet proof
I’m so over this love gone violent
I’m drunk and brave enough to say
What sober couldn’t say

Criminal in my mind
I’ve been doing time
Believing in the lie
That you still loved me
Making up for
The slamming of the door
Always wanting more but never giving


Maitreya – Lara

Glam Affair – Katya – Europa

AlterEgo – Maliyah Shape

Buzzeri – Cora- Siren

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

S.V – Belly Piercing – Star

BP Tentacle Bracelt

Yummy – Dreaming Mermaid – Aquamarine

Zombie Suicide -Cameo Ring – FreakShow Gacha

Zombie Suicide – Unipus Horn – Pastel Goth

Bisquit – Bat Septum

Happy Undead – Elmyra’s Bow

AviCandy – Basic Low Rise {Tights} – Licorice

Crazy Kitty – Hey Sexy Mini Skirt

Blueberry – Tank Top – Group Gift

Lovey Dovey – Regan

Hollyweird – Cleo Punk Heel – Blue – Pastel Goth

Half+Deer – Cauldron Of The Stars – Ultramarine/Rainbow

Half+Deer – Tentacles – Purple

076 Mayhem

I’m so bored
With this world that spins around me
Used to make me dizzy
I’m so tired
Of these boys that hang around me
Used to drive me crazy

Cruel intentions
Wind me in a spiral
I’m waiting to unravel
Twisted motives
Drive me in a circle
I’m dying to untangle

I wanna feel the chaos
I wanna hear the uproar
A little pandemonium
I know I’m not the only one
I wanna be blown away
I wanna feel the walls shake

Looking for some Mayhem
Need a little Mayhem


Maitreya – Lara

Glam Affair – Katya – Europa

AlterEgo – Maliyah Shape

Buzzeri – Cora- Siren

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

ReignxFLite – Batty Taylers – Special Edition – Black

PaperDolls – She Dead Corset – Kinky Monthly – Opens October 25th at 7 PM SLT

Le Morte – Runa {Ears} – White

Blueberry – Rene – Black

Little Bones -Wasted

Reign – Tattoo Chokers – October edition

Zombie Suicide – Octo Implant – Pastel Goth

075 Drunk Pretty

Woke up looking like a walk of shame
Pillow case covered in red lip stain
Bottom of the barrel beauty queen
Caught like a cat, caught like a cat
Caught like a cat in a fishnet dream

Hungover and underdressed
You love the way that I’m unimpressed
I’m a Perfect 10, but I’m coming down
You’re seeing double cuz I’m a knockout

Don’t ask me to walk a straight line
The morning after is when I shine
Crooked smile with a quick dial
Run like mascara, but I do it in style


Maitreya – Lara

Glam Affair – Katya – Europa

AlterEgo – Maliyah Shape

Buzzeri – Cora- Siren

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

Spellbound – Sacred Rite

Reign – High Society Heels – Black

Chemical Princess – B-Witch – Purple/Black – Kinky Monthly {Opening October 25th 7PM SLT}

Noodles – Helmsweave Cuffs – Black

Zombie Suicide – Vix Hybrid Ring – Pastel Goth Fair

Minimal – Ring *1* – Silver

Luxe – Ravenclaw – Rare

074 Demons

When the days are cold
And the cards all fold
And the saints we see
Are all made of gold

When your dreams all fail
And the ones we hail
Are the worst of all
And the blood’s run stale

No matter what we breed
We still are made of greed
This is my kingdom come

When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It’s where my demons hide


Belleza – Freya

AlterEgo – Maliyah Shape

AlterEgo – Maliyah II – Almond

Song – Bio – Ivy

CottonCandyMonster – Tintable Smokey Eyeshadow

Upper Tattoo: Letis Tattoo – Diwali

Lower Tattoo: White~Widow – Southpaw – Black – Legs

Just Magnetized – Natural Hairbases – Set 03

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

Mandala – Steking Ears – Season 5

Punch – Demoness

Noodles – Hex Circlet – Silver

Reign – Coastal Plats – Black

CX – Bone Tail

Tableau Vivant – Skully Bow (Kustom9 Gift)

Lovey Dovey – Regan

Vincue – Koha+Dress – Thistle_BlackyBat

.Winged. Cross Collar (Freakshow Gacha Carnival)

073 Without Laughter

I cut the flesh
And make it bleed
Fresh skin
Is what I need
I let it dry
Out in the wood
All your crying
Did no good, yeah

Now you’re lying
On the floor
Yeah, you can’t
Take anymore
The devil’s laughing
In your face
Give me another taste, yeah


.Winged. Scary Face #1 RARE {FreakShow Gacha Event}

AlterEgo – Victoria – Snow

♣ AlterEgo – Maliyah Shape

Spellbound – Noir – Chapter 1

Deviance Necromancer – Mystic Blossom

Song – Bio – Ivy

Datum – Omen – Black

White Widow – Southpaw – Black – Legs {Epiphany}

Pink Avid – Creepy Dead Lawn Flamingo – Black Grunge – RARE {Kawaii Project}

072 Can’t Have Slaughter

And out of the darkness, the Zombie did call
True pain and suffering he brought to them all
Away ran the children to hide in their beds,
for fear that the devil would chop off their heads


Shape: AlterEgo – Maliyah

Skin: AlterEgo – Lana – Honey

Hair: Pink Hustler – 8077 – Browns

Shoes: Reign – Taylers – Grey/Sea

Jeans: Monso – MyRipped Jeans – Denim (Light)

Sweater:.Winged. – Wool Sweater – Grey

Eyes: PSYCHO:Byts Zombie Eyes (HUD Controlled color change options) {Wayward Halloween – October 16th}

Mask: PSYCHO:Byts  – Zombie Killer – Slasher Mask {Wayward Halloween – October 16th}

Backpack:  PSYCHO:Byts – Headstone Backpack – Grey  {Wayward Halloween – October 16th}

Knife:  PSYCHO:Byts – Zombie Killer – Machete {Wayward Halloween – October 16th}

Hands:  PSYCHO:Byts – Zombie Hands – Rotten  {Wayward Halloween – October 16th}

Necklace: PSYCHO:Byts – Zombie Ears Necklace {Wayward Halloween – October 16th}

071 Ghost

Days feeling hollow
Against my will they run into each other
And lies that I followed
Invisible now but the ground tells the story
This land that I ramble
Keeps going on and on, on and on
If I could
Live forever
I’d breathe it on and on, on and on

I’m just a ghost
It’s starting to show
I’ve been on the wrong side searching for love
Could I be wrong about everything?
I’ve made more waves than the ocean
But nobody knows
Nobody knows

-Ghost of Muskegon//Pop Evil


Body: Belleza – Freya

♥ Shape: Alterego – Yumi (Mod)

♥ Skin: Alterego – Yumi – Porcelain

♥ Makeup: Alterego – Yumi – Blush – pink

♥ Lipstick: Alterego – Yumi – Starlight for Loud Mouth

♦ ♦ {Shape, Skin, Lipsticks and Blush come in one package- Coming to the Pastel Goth Fair on October 16th) ♦ ♦

Mouth: Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

Eyes: Fate Eyes v3.0

Ayashi – Midori

Muka –  Garter Thigh Socks {The Chapter Four}

Pixel Geek – Love&Lust Collar

Crazy Kitty – Hey Sexy Mini Skirt

Fresh – Girly top – Babydoll

Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears

070 Heartbreaker

Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun,
But baby when you’re done, you gotta be the first to run
Rule number two, just don’t get attached to,
Somebody you could lose

How to be a heartbreaker
Boys they like the look of danger
We’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player
Singing I lo-lo-love you
At least I think I do!

Rule number three, wear your heart on your cheek
But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat
Rule number four, gotta be looking pure
Kiss him goodbye at the door and leave him wanting more-more

-How To Be A Heartbreaker//Mariana and The Diamonds


Belleza – Freya

Deetalez – Dawn – Nordic

Song – Owls- Dark Hazel

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

♥ Zombie Suicide – Breast Cancer Ribbon Piercing {Breast Cancer Awareness Event}

Noodles – Hex Circlet – Silver

Molson – Mr.Mockup

Reign – Calypso Wedge – Black

Moon Hair – Paper Cuts II {Group Gift}

CottonCandyMonster – Tintable Smokey Eyeshadow

FnH – xHigh Net Stocking – Double net

Cynful – Bandau Skirt – Black

♥ Shameless – Trick Or Treat Bustier – Nightmare {Bewbapalooza}

069 Black Widow

This twisted cat and mouse game always starts the same
First we’re both down to play then somehow you go astray
We went from nothing to something, liking to loving
It was us against the world and now we just fucking
It’s like I loved you so much and now I just hate you
Feeling stupid for all the time that I gave you
I wanted all or nothing for us ain’t no place in between
Might, might be me believing what you say that you never mean
Like it’ll last forever but now forever ain’t as long
If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be stuck singing this song
You were different from my last but now you got it mirrored
And as it all plays out I see it couldn’t be clearer

Black Widow//Iggy Azalea


Belleza – Freya

Deetalez – Dawn – Nordic

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

Mandala – Steking – season 5

Song – Owls – Dark Hazel

The whore Mansion – Sexy Fur Stole – Black

Dazed – Erzatz Head Jewel – Gold

L- Asphyxiation – Barbed Wire – Bloody

Suicide Gurls – Stanza Hair

♥ !nfinity – Batty Cleavage Piercing {Bewbapalooza Opens Oct 9th}

♥ !nfinity – Midnight Queen Dress -Black (Mad Circus}

♥ !nfinity – Halloween Mouth Chain {Mad Circus}

!nfinity – Dimple Piercing – Black