093 Fight Song



Like a small boat
On the ocean
Sending big waves
Into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion

And all those things I didn’t say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?

Losing friends and I’m chasing sleep
Everybody’s worried about me
In too deep
Say I’m in too deep (in too deep)
And it’s been two years
I miss my home
But there’s a fire burning in my bones
Still believe
Yeah, I still believe



AlterEgo – Maliyah Shape

WoW Skins – Selia – Milk {Kinky Monthly}

#Foxy – Stay Cute Collar {Kinky Monthly}

.Winged. Pentagram Harness – Black {Kinky Monthly}

.Winged. Ripped Leggings – Black

Chemical Princess – Molly Boots {Black Craft}

Truth Hair – Josette

Tres Blah – Devon Tank – Purple


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