133 Ego

I’m gonna cut right to the chase, huh?
Some women were made
But me, myself?
I like to think that I was created
For a special purpose
You know?

Usually I’m humble
Right now, I don’t choose
You can leave with me
Or, you could have the blues
Some call it arrogant
I call it confident
You decide when you find out what I’m working with
Damn, I know
I’m killing you with them legs
Better yet, them thighs
Matter of fact it’s my smile, or maybe my eyes?
Boy, you’re a sight to see
Kinda something like me

Larger Image

Emporium – Dita Heels {Kinky Monthly}

1Hundred – Sub ‘Miss Set – Emerald {Kinky Monthly}

Facade – Gimme Bite – Boob {Kinky Monthly}

Souzou Eien – Collars of Gor – Display Collar (RARE)

S0ng – Frost – Nature

Truth – Kinsley

Lara Hurley Skin – Heidi – Milky

Mandala – Stretched Ears – Omimi

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