[195] Fortune


I wish I could list this skin in credits but currently it’s unreleased! My Apologies! 

Otherwise – here’s the goods 🙂

Location: WHOLE WHEAT Landscape&Creations | Tune: Blackmill – Fortune Soul

S0ng – Cia Eyes – Aqua

Little Bones – Lock – Vibrant

Maitreya – Lara Body v3.5

Cherry Rouge – Nyam Nyam Mouth

Speakeasy – Noya Tattoo

T&S – Wednesday Dress (NEW!) {Kinky Monthly Event} (Thank You!)

Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Punch – Trine

Plastik– Living Light Horns – Midnight

Random.Matter – Daphne Necklace – Gold/White

Suicidal Unborn – Septum Piercing – Metal

#Empire – Sage Heels

Phedora – Morticia Harness

XYZ – Tattoo Choker

[194] Wolf Blood

There are certain people in this universe that are destined to collide with you. Sometimes it’s a negative thing and it teaches you a lesson. And sometimes it a positive thing and it teaches you a little more about yourself. Then there are the ones that give you a piece of yourself you didn’t know was missing – and wither they were meant to be apart of your life permanently, or temporarily – you can never get them out of that little piece of your soul.

Every so often you see something, or hear something that reminds you of them and all these thoughts come flooding back like a wave of emotions and unsolved questions and left open doors.

Sometimes we never truly get closure – sometimes their light has gone out long before it was meant to and you’ll never get to find out all the what ifs that run through your head.

Cherish the lights – the people- that are with you now, even temporarily, because before you know it you cant tell them what they meant to you because their gone – and all you can do is hope that you’ll meet them again in the next life.

Location: Lothlorian Shores | Song: Adrian Von Ziegler – Morrigan


Plastik – July Fauxe Makeup – Luvi Green-Saphira (New!)

Magika – Stay The Night

Arise – Star Eyes – Gold (Right Eye)

Glam Affair – Mokatana Skin – America

!Twisted Glam – Bandana Long Top w/ Texture Hud (Thank You!) {Kinky Monthly Event – July 25th to August 20th}

Muka – Iggy {ROMP – open until July 29th}

The Forge – Norse Bracers – Black (Left Arm)

The Forge – Aura Staff – Bronze

The Forge – Scale Armour – Gold

The Forge – Eldar Armour – Female- Black (Upper Arms, Pauldrons)

#Empire – Nerina (Thigh Chains)

#Empire – Holly (RARE)

Half+Deer – Baby Cornsnake – Snow (Right Arm)

Half+Deer – Velven Bunny Ears – Spooky

Punch – Trine

Zombie Suicide – Octo Septum Ring


[193] Forget Me

There’s a moment when you’ve been in this world for so long, that you start to wonder if all those years were worth it. Watching people break each others hearts, bully and become mean, step on the people they call friends or family to reach some height they consider the top – wanting to be “SLFamous” – You start to wonder if the drama is worth it, if the friendships are worth it, if the blood, sweat and tears is really worth living in a virtual world that seems more and more like high school every day.

To date I’ve been in this world for almost 10 years, in one sense or another – and while yes I can say it helped me get over my agoraphobia, my depression and my anxiety – it also has caused a lot of heartbreak – a lot of friendships made and broken, families made and then broken apart. People you thought were friends that were only out to use you and then discard you. (Even if sometimes those relationships didn’t start out that way).

I’ve come to realize the hard way that nothing stays the same in this world no matter how hard you try to keep a hold of things.
you change, other people change, trends change.
one day you log on and suddenly someone you were good friends with is now your worst enemy and you have no idea what you did; or if you did anything at all.
People log off one night and never come back.

Slowly everybody changes, everybody becomes different.

I think in reality were all here looking for a piece of ourselves we’ve lost…or maybe we never really had it to begin with… and when…IF… we find it it either changes us for the better, or for the worse.

Location:  Elysium City of Templemore || Song: Breaking Benjamin – Ashes of Eden



Arise – Star Eyes – Cyan/Gold

Arise – Lolla Eyeshadow

Arise – Cutie Freckles

Mandala – Stretched Ears – Omimi

Cherry Rouge – Nyam Nyam Mouth

Glam Affair – Mokatana Skin – America

Little Bones– The Dark

Phedora – Scarlet Underwear

Reign – Kendall Heels