[236] Ashes

Will the faithful be rewarded
When we come to the end
Will I miss the final warning
From the lie that I have lived
Is there anybody calling
I can see the soul within
And I am not worthy
I am not worthy of this

Will the darkness fall upon me
When the air is growing thin
Will the light begin to pull me
To its everlasting will
I can hear the voices haunting
There is nothing left to fear


♥ ::D-Style – The Huntress- Black (Stormwood Hills Fair – Jan 7th)

FDD Stories – Norse Shield – Steel/Wood

The Forge – Norse Bracers – Black

Tableau Vivant – Viking Hair

^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf

Catwa Mesh Head – Destiny + Mesh Eyes

Insol – Mia Skin – Chocolate

Aitui Hairbase 2.0 Fade

Ghost’Ink – Varen – Grey

Le Forme – Scar v2 Catwa + Tattoo Layers


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