134 Mama Forgive Me

Please mama forgive me
‘Cause I’m breakin’ all the rules tonight
Please mama forgive me
He’s so wrong but he loves me so right

Trouble’s always gonna find me some way
And I don’t even know how
‘Cause it’s the way he puts a grin on my face
The way he’s using his mouth

He’s a bad bad boy
I’m a bad bad girl
And we’re gettin’ bad tonight

Please mama forgive me
‘Cause I’m breakin’ all the rules tonight

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Indecent Exposure – Dolly – Pink Leather Heels {For Love Pink Hunt which starts March 6th for which the hint is “riddle me this, riddle me that, why on earth is there a dancing plant?“}

KC Couture – Tanya Latex Dress

Magika – Never

Lara Hurley Skin – Heidi – Milky

Reckless – Hide and Seek

Buzzeri – Lillian – Hazel

Reign – Tattoo Chokers – October Edition

130 Your Love Taught Me To Lie.

There’s still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
There’s still a little bit of you laced with my doubt
It’s still a little hard to say what’s going on

There’s still a little bit of your ghost, your witness
There’s still a little bit of your face I haven’t kissed
You step a little closer each day that I can’t say what’s going on

There’s still a little bit of your song in my ear
There’s still a little bit of your words I long to hear
You step a little closer to me
So close I can’t see what’s going on


Indecent Exposure – Andi Tank Top {Thrift Shop – Feb 7th -29th}

S0ng – Venus – Snow {Hentai Fair}

Truth Hair – Holly

The Sugar Garden – Mimi Mesh Head – A Tone

Blueberry – Letia Ripped Skirt – Midnight

Kosh – Adain Necklace

XYZ – Tattoo Choker – Black

Arise – Peter Pan Chest Tattoo 1 “Never Grow Up”

118 Honey And Sulphur

Torture garden rules of thumb apply
To sacred flesh and the naked eye
Golgothic this erotica
Stinking of honey and worse, sulphur

So black was the magic in this tragical kingdom
That the superstitions grew
Wise to the wolves that surprised their children
Gagged in sacks and dragged back to

It’s roads now home to a beautiful stranger
Lifting her veil
Spinning her lies
Tender eyes, never-ending danger

It grows
A rose that chose death for it’s bedmuck


★ Souzou Eien – Collars Of Gor – Display Collar – RARE {Kinky Monthly}

Winged – Lotus Tattoo v.1 – Scarification

Indecent Exposure – Milkee – Black

Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Noodles – Helmsweave Cuffs

Arise – Lolla eyeshadow – Pure

Birdy – VIP Gift – Ali – Pure

Moon Hair– The Chill

La Baguette – Scar Face Tattoo

S0ng – Gata eyes – Pink/Ocean







117 Death Was On Sale Today

Nothing suffocates you more than
The passing of everyday human events
Isolation is the oxygen mask you make
Your children breathe in to survive

But I’m not a slave to a god
That doesn’t exist
But I’m not a slave to a world
That doesn’t give a shit

And when we were good
You just closed you eyes
So when we are bad
We’ll scar your minds

Fight, fight, fight, fight

You’ll never grow up to be a big-
They’ll just cut our wrists like
Cheap coupons and say that death
Was on sale today


MoDanna – Ardeur Collection – Spiked Choker – Black {Kinky Monthly}

Zombie Suicide – Basic Lips (Lippy color used on Loud Mouth) {Bombshells Event}

Love Hair – Blush (25L Gacha Exclusive) {Sanarae Event}

Chemical Princess – Catana Dress -Purple {Kinky Monthly}

Indecent Exposure – Crown The Empire Tattoo {Jack and Jill Hunt -Starts Feb 1st!}

CerberusXing – Lethal Talons – Silver

Clemmm – Treat (Face Tattoo – past freebie)

Clemmm – Cabin Eyes – Snow

Violet Voltaire – Their Cell Crown

Plastik – Living Light Horns – Midnight

Antielle – Hommunculus (RARE)

Antielle – Conjuncted Skin




113 Stardust

I know this place
It smells like innocence lost
We left the traces of the sins we bought

But I wouldn’t change a thing
It’s just a waking dream

Look at the wake
From the stardust pouring from your eyes
It’s no mistake
You are perfect
You are perfect in my mind
And you won’t fade away

I know this face
It’s so familiar
I’m sure I know you but it’s all a blur

Now I can’t recall a thing
It’s such a wicked dream


★Indecent Exposure – Star Undies {HYIS13}

★Shameless – Hitchhikers Tee – Don’t Panic {HYIS13}

Eclat – Star Choker

Buzzeri – Lillian eyes – Nebula

Punch – Dimple Piercing – Diamonds

Oleander – Honeydew – Galaxy Tones

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy (W/ Parted teeth)

Atomic – Winter Skin – Porcelain – Winged {Epiphany}