[210] Faded Sun


Lara Hurley – Heidi – Milky

Belleza – Mesh Body – Freya

Pumec – Katya – Freckles

Magika – Written

Amala – The Moon & Stars Necklace – Silver

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

Arise – Lolla Eyeshadow

InSol – Natural Collection Eyes – Grass

QE – Brookie Dress {Fluffy&Fierce Event} ♥Thank You!

Reign – Platform Heels {Fifty Linden Friday}

175 ~ Spirals

Remember when you asked me to paint you all my dreams

I told you a sailboat, no compass, just us and an open sea

I sing like a siren our island just floating the ceiling

The blue sky is our only curtain

I’ll show you a spiral staircase that only your eyes can see

Remember when our paradise was green grape vines and leaves

Do you remember when the shorelines grew for you and me

I’ll build you a house where the hallways will always

Lead you to bedrooms where

I’ll be waiting

I’ll show you a spiral staircase that only your eyes can see


Zombie Suicide – Double Ashley Piercing (Something Wicked) (Thank you!)

♡ Zombie Suicide – Simple Septum Piercing (Thrift Shop(Thank you!)

♡ Zombie Suicide – Dahlia Piercing (Thrift Shop(Thank you!)

♡  Zombie Suicide -Rainbow Freckles – White (tintable) (Suicide Dollz(Thank you!)

UnIverse – Fancy Dress – Pink (Thank you!)

♡ Chemical Princess – Cat Eyes – Pink/Light Blue (Thrift Shop(Thank you!)

♡ Chubby Bunny – Glamfie (Pose in photo below) (PHAT Event(Thank you!)

♡ Yummy – Layered Chain Choker – Silver (Collabor88)

Magika – Written

♡ CerberusXing -Lethal Talons – Silver

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

♡ Reign – Boho Beaded Sandals RARE

Cherry Fluffle – Valentina Ears – Deformed

AnnaA Skins– Bianca – Vanilla

Drop Dead – Whiskers


No. 157

And I am feeling so small
It was over my head
I know nothing at all

And I will stumble and fall
I’m still learning to love
Just starting to crawl

And I will swallow my pride
You’re the one that I love
And I’m saying goodbye



Luas – Quala Dress (RARE)

Bokeh – Abuk Necklace – Gold

Emo-tions – Nadia – Black/White

CottonCandyMonster – Don’t Leave Me – Tears

Plastik – Muse Head Loops – Octane

AlterEgo – Maliyah Shape

AlterEgo – Victoria – Godiva

Mandala – Stretched Ears- Omimi

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

Soedara – Cihuapilli Simple Eye

Arise – Mesa Face Tattoo

Bowtique – Baroque Bangle Bracelet Set

Buzzeri – Moka eyes – Amber

126 Stardust

Sometimes it’s all too much; sometimes its not enough. But happy or sad I am learning to be complete and content. This unquenchable longing to experience more and feel everything is no longer an ache in my chest. Its a precipice inside of me, an abyss of opportunity. I know now that I was not before I ever was, and some day I will be no more. I was once dinosaur bones and tree roots. Someday long after my ashes dust the ocean floor, and maybe even long after the earth decays to black holes and comets, I will be stardust. A constant kaleidoscope of beautiful matter, memories and moments. When all of these earthly problems solve themselves and lay to rest, I will return to from where I came, and that gives peace to the storms under my skin. We are all a wonderful, unlikely mixture of what has always been.

Larger Version

Dress// Chemical Princess – Lover Dress (w/ HUD) {The Black Dot Project♥ ♥

Shape// AlterEgo – Maliyah

Skin// Glam Affair – Emma – Europa Tone

Eyes// S0ng – Yuki – Azul

Body// Belleza – Freya

Hands//Feet – Slink – Gesture Hands/High Feet

Mouth// Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

Jewelry// EarthStones – Cascade Spider Ring

random.Matter – Cheri Bracelet – Copper

random.Matter – Temp Necklace- Silver

LUXE – Ravenclaw (RARE) (Gacha Item!)

Makeup// Arise – Lolla Eyeshadow – Black

Hair// Tableau Vivant – Muse

Shoes// Reign – Peep Toe Pumps – Black


113 Stardust

I know this place
It smells like innocence lost
We left the traces of the sins we bought

But I wouldn’t change a thing
It’s just a waking dream

Look at the wake
From the stardust pouring from your eyes
It’s no mistake
You are perfect
You are perfect in my mind
And you won’t fade away

I know this face
It’s so familiar
I’m sure I know you but it’s all a blur

Now I can’t recall a thing
It’s such a wicked dream


★Indecent Exposure – Star Undies {HYIS13}

★Shameless – Hitchhikers Tee – Don’t Panic {HYIS13}

Eclat – Star Choker

Buzzeri – Lillian eyes – Nebula

Punch – Dimple Piercing – Diamonds

Oleander – Honeydew – Galaxy Tones

Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy (W/ Parted teeth)

Atomic – Winter Skin – Porcelain – Winged {Epiphany}

014 Trouble


:: Basics ::

L.Inc – Phat Azz {Thicker Legs}

Loud Mouth – Alli v3.0

annaA {At Olala Fashion Event} – Bianca Skin – Caramel

Slink Elegant Hands

Slink High Feet

Sinful Needs – Venus Fiore – Majesty

:: Outfit ::

Bishes Inc – Low Tank – Cyan 2

Bishes Inc – Booty Skirt – Blue Dot

:: Accessories ::

Reign – High Society Heels – Black

Sugarmarmite – Toostie Anklet – My Crown

Earthstones – SunMoonStars – Bracelets

Little Bones – Sea Foam

Violet Voltaire – Their Cell Crown

Altair – Kokoro Collar – Impure Black

#005 – Daddy’s Girl

I have this mild obsession with pink… and also being ridiculously cute… And this seems to be my favorite outfit that I just keep going back to over and over – So I figured why not share it 🙂


{Panties}  .Arise. – Solid String/White

{Top}  .::Fresh::. Girly Top  *Daddy’s Girl*

{Stockings}  AviCandy – Lace Back Seam – Marshmallow

{Skirt}  Crazy Kitty – Hey Sexy Mini Skirt

{Sweater}  .tsg. Cutie Cardi – Baby Pink

{Shoes}   Reign – Alexxis – Group Gift

{Collar}  Kibitz – Eco Necklace – Steel

{Hair}  Truth – Fynn

{Glasses}  [LW] Semi Frameless – Frosted Noir

{Boobies}  Nifty Bits – Mounds v1.5e

{Cute Companion}  +Half-Deer+ Dik-Dik – Plum