[255] In A Moment

All your worries, leave them somewhere else,
Find a dream you can follow,
Reach for something, when there’s nothing left,
And the world’s feeling hollow.


AIMI – Diane Skin – Mint & Diane Shape (Slightly Modified)

Catwa – Catya Head

The White Crow – Babygirl Tattoo

Swallow – Rox Ears

Sweet Thing – Helli Harness – Petal Pink

Le Morte – Runa Headband – White

Exile – Couldn’t Believe

The Sugar Garden – Shy Megane – Gold

N-Core – Miau Pink



[217] Candy Coated Nightmare

All that floats upon the sea, all that hangs in the air
All that sits in dust or dirt eventually ensnared
The gentle touch of time will take you unaware
Pulling all creations down, an elegant affair

Pleasant patina pulls apart a holy copper shrine
Like gently creeping mossy claws, scarring all divine
All the things you think you value, including the gift of life
Slowly, gently fall apart, until the world is right







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Mello – Bento – 03 {Candy Fair}

The Sugar Garden – Mimi Mesh Head – Tone A

The Sugar Garden – Shy Megane – Gold

Altair – Kitty Collar – White

Sweet Thing – Mimi Top – Valentine

Sweet Thing – Mimi Skirt – Valentine

Sweet Thing – Mimi Straps&Panty Set – Valentine RARE

Muka – Garter Thigh Socks

Chimera – Heart Garters v2

T’Ink – Flutter Tattoo

S0ng – Chin Eyes – Candy

[197] Sit Still Look Pretty

I know the other girlies wanna wear expensive things
Like diamond rings
But I don’t wanna be the puppet that you’re playing on a string
This queen don’t need a king

You get off on your 9 to 5
Dream of picket fences and trophy wives
But no, I’m never gonna be ’cause I don’t wanna be
No, I don’t wanna sit still look pretty


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.:Soul:. Uni Ears – Evarre

Lovey Dovey – Ever

The Sugar Garden – Mimi Mesh Head – Tone A

Ikon – Triumph Eyes – Kawaii

[196] Kawaii Or Die


Featured Event: Manga Fair 2016 || Tune: 2NE1 – Come Back Home


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Ikon – Triumph Eyes -Kawaii

Half+Deer – Velven Bunny Ears – Lightheart

Half+Deer – Fuzzy Bunny Tail – Naturals


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Soy – Potted Pothos; Potted Ponytail Palm

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173 Heaven Nor Hell

I’ve heard that the devil’s walking around
I sold my soul way down in the dirt
But stole it back and forever in debt

And for a moment I don’t even care
Until I feel his breath at my neck
And maybe even you can feel it too
He’s on a strike and looking at you

Holding onto his words, but baby
I saw an angel become the devil
Still they look pretty good hand in hand
Well baby, I don’t need any of them



Xin – Autumn Boots – Black

Mandala – Steking ears- Season 5

Punch – Devil

Punch – Saunder II

Adam – Mesh Body v1.3

Clef De Peau – Luke – t5

Rebellion – Violator Leather Pants

Deadwool – Undercut Hair – Blacks

UrbanStreet – Evil Eyes Tattoo



Vinyl – Bebe Bra (Group Gift)

Sweet Thing – Mimi Panties – Mono (RARE)

Empire – Sage Heels

Empire – Heart Harness

Inhale – Lunatik Tattoo

Catwa – Leah

Poses Used (Full Scenes) Come Soon Poses – Before Sunrise and Flash (Both available at Kinky Monthly Until May 18th)

131 Pretty Toy

A gun on the floor
A hole in your head
Just like a whore
You wish you were dead

In your eyes, In your neck
In your mind, In your heart
In your eyes, In your mind
In your heart, In your soul

Such a pretty toy to play with
Such a pretty toy to play with
Such a, such a, such a pretty toy
Such a pretty toy to play with


Short Film Version (Please don’t watch this if you can’t handle Horror/Gore)

Larger Version Here

Eyes// Repluse – Demon v1

Doll Joints// Antielle – The Alchemical Transformation – Homunculus (RARE)

Face Scar// Antielle – The Alchemical Transformation – Conjunction

Mouth// Gauze – Nightmare – Uneven

Collar// Sweet Thing – Key To My Heart – Black

May’s Soul – Beast Horns – Black

Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Shoes// The Sugar Garden – Corset Trekkers – Black

The Horror! Teeny Septum Ring – Silver

Muka – Garter Thigh Socks

CerberusXing – Bone Tail

Bottoms// Pixicat – Siren Set nr1 – Black

Kibitz – Acantha Claws – Petal

Spellbound – Merlona {Hentai Fair}

Ransom – Baby Doll Dress – Sheer Black

Boom – Key&Ward – Skull/Titanium

125 Through The Ghost

“With her, it was all or nothing. She observed you, carefully, thoroughly, and made her choice. She had high standards and a myriad of character tests; but if you made the cut, her love was warm and all-encompassing like a much-needed bath. She made you vulnerable, but she was trustworthy. You could tell her your darkest secrets and deepest wishes without questioning yourself. She cleaned out your wounds with sharp eyes and intuition, and you healed. But eventually you get out of the tub and head out to get dirty again. She was left with a heart half-loved and dirty water.”



★ Fishnets// Chemical Princess – Sinister Leggings – Black {Suicide Dollz}

Boots// *Epic* – Cosmic Monster Stompers – Black

Facial Piercing// Glitzz – Dreams (RARE)

Septum Ring// The Horror! – Teeny Septum – Silver

Lip Rings// :HV: – 003 – Oil

Eyes// Nar Mattaru – Just The Basics – Blue

Shape// AlterEgo – Maliyah

Skirt// Blueberry – Kyla – Strapped

Top// Blueberry – Mina Tube Top

Makeup// Arise – Lolla Eyeshadow – Black

Hair// Burley – Starla – Blacks

Tattoo// TattooMania – Space

Ears// Magika – Neko

Collar// Sweet Thing – Key To My Heart – Black

Wings// darkenedStare – Unseelie Wings – Cicada – Iridscent

Bracelet// RealEvil Industries– Aeternum {female}